Maverick employee performing safety inspections and checks


Protecting People

Stop Work Expectation

Maverick has high expectations of all personnel when it comes to safety. Regardless of a person’s position or seniority, they are empowered—and expected—to stop work if they see or experience any unsafe practice and actively participate in making Maverick a safe place to work. The company’s adherence to best safety practices is evidenced in its exemplary safety performance. In each of 2020 and 2021, Maverick recorded one million employee and contractor consecutive man-hours worked with zero OSHA reportable incidents, accomplished by less than one percent of peer groups.

Life Critical Programs

Maverick maintains sets of protocols that must be followed for the most high-risk activities on a worksite. Examples include driving safety, excavation and trenching, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) awareness and confined space work.

Extensive Training

In addition to frequent safety meetings, field personnel attend regularly held boot camps, which combine classroom and hands-on learning to ensure Maverick employees and contractors are properly equipped to keep themselves and others safe.

Oilfield Technology

Modern technology and engineering ensure Maverick’s safety programs are industry-leading. By automating some aspects of operations, such as H2S monitoring, the company reduces risk and eliminates some hazards entirely.

Pervasive Safety Mindset

Maverick recruits and retains employees who exhibit a safety mindset. Maverick requires robust safety programs and track records from contractors as well, insisting all contractors are qualified according to a rigorous supplier safety evaluation process.

Preparing for Emergencies

Maverick works closely with first responders in every region in which it operates to ensure everyone is prepared to deal with a wide variety of emergency situations. Multi-stakeholder drills bring various agencies together to practice and refine coordinated responses for when seconds matter. During an emergency, Maverick’s use of technology allows the company to make informed decisions in the interest of safety. Centralized control rooms provide remote access to operations that cannot be safely reached in person. The company can monitor real-time data from the field and, in some cases, shut down operations completely if necessary. Maverick’s emergency plans and protocols are reviewed and practiced regularly to ensure Maverick is always prepared.

Supporting Communities

Supporting critical initiatives and nonprofit organizations is important to Maverick’s business. This support comes in many forms—from donating laptops and desks to schools to filling hampers for regional food banks. Maverick was proud to provide personal protective equipment and supplies to first responders during the pandemic, uplifting civil servants in times of difficulty. In addition to direct assistance, Maverick gives back through meaningful community partnerships and employee volunteering.

Building Diversity and Inclusion

Maverick’s commitment to continuous improvement extends to diversity and inclusion. Maverick is dedicated to promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce that encourages and fosters a robust community of ideas and talents to drive success for years to come.


Stop Work Expectation


Caring for People


Pervasive Safety Mindset


Exemplary Safety Performance