Panoramic view of agricultural lands with a clear sky

Protecting Air

Reaching for net zero

Maverick reduces carbon used in operations by standing up new processes, such as:

  • Converting diesel-fired generators to clean-burning liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Installing solar-powered pneumatic pumps
  • Piloting a program for electrically driven gas lift compression units
  • Scoping a program for electrically driven drilling and completions fleets
  • Adding pipeline infrastructure to reduce trucking

Maverick reduces emitted GHGs and is strongly focused on methane. Actions include:

  • Implementing emission-control technology that limits methane and carbon emissions at facilities
  • Monitoring and managing methane and other fugitive emissions with various technologies, including a digital application used in the field and optical gas imaging cameras
  • Avoiding flaring
  • Improving the quality and amount of data received from facilities, allowing in-house experts to make evidence-based decisions
  • Replacing pneumatic devices
  • Optimizing compression
  • Evaluating and testing emerging leak-detection and repair technologies
  • Divesting older, higher-emitting assets
  • Exploring new technologies that enable carbon capture and permanent storage

Through these and other efforts, Maverick achieved a realized reduction of 403,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2021. For that same time period, Maverick reduced its GHG emissions from its Western Anadarko Basin assets by 61 percent.