Maverick personnel in hard hats and safety gear at field operations site


Working at Maverick

Maverick employees are confident, lead by example and work effectively together. Supportive of each other and the business, they understand that the company cannot remain best-in-class if individual actions and corporate objectives are not in alignment. For that reason, Maverick employees think and act strategically every day.

Hiring the Best

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I am excited to be part of a rapidly growing organization that has a commitment to being a best-in-class operator while preserving safety and sustainability. Maverick has provided the framework for the organization to be highly adaptable and successful in the ever-changing industry of oil and gas. I am proud to work for this organization that empowers it employees to be the best at what they do.”

Austin Tramell, Director, ESG

At Maverick, I find it rewarding to work with gifted individuals in a collaborative environment. It enables me to become well-rounded by learning every aspect of the business. Moreover, the company’s bold vision to grow inspires me to be daring and creative. We are empowered to make decisions and test new ideas. I believe that such entrepreneurial culture will lead us to success.”

Do Shin, Reservoir Engineering Advisor

Celebrating Wins

To encourage high performance, Maverick offers strong base compensation and benefits packages, complemented by incentive bonus programs and spot bonuses. In addition to a flat management structure, Maverick employees benefit from regular and meaningful interaction with senior and executive leadership.

The company enjoys a 9/80 work schedule, with remote work opportunities available for some positions.

Photos of Maverick field and office personnel

Unmatched Culture

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Celebrating Wins

Commercial Thinking




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