Information for Royalty Owners

By logging into EnergyLink, you have immediate, convenient access to revenue payment statements, JIB statements and annual 1099 forms.

For your ready reference, this page includes a list of frequently asked questions and contact information for Owner Relations. You will also find the electronic and downloadable forms you need to manage your owner account.

Maverick’s goal for this section of its website is to make it easy for you to quickly put hands on resources related to your ownership. If you require further support, please contact the helpful Owner Relations team.

Royalty Owner FAQs

How do I make changes to my account?

For mailing address changes, use the electronic form provided below. An address change request is needed even if you receive payments by direct deposit. Your correct address on file will allow you to receive your 1099 each year and other correspondence mailed by Maverick.

For ownership changes, please visit the Change of Ownership section.

How do I enroll to have my revenues directly deposited into my bank account?

Maverick offers a direct deposit payment option for its interest owners. To sign up for direct deposit, please complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form and return the form either by email to or via the electronic form for document submission below.

When should I receive my revenue check?

Revenue checks are mailed on the final business day of each month, provided your account has reached Minimum Pay Status with a balance of at least $100. If your check is more than two weeks late, contact Owner Relations. You may be required to submit a written authorization to stop payment and re-issue the check.

Why have I not received my revenue check?

The most common reason for not receiving a revenue check is because your account has not reached Minimum Pay Status. Maverick remits revenue only once a royalty owner’s account balance exceeds $100. Occasionally, payments are held because of uncertainty as to ownership and released when that uncertainty has been resolved.

I found a stale-dated check. What should I do?

It is important that you cash your revenue check in a timely fashion, regardless of the amount. If you find a stale-dated check, please contact Owner Relations to have the check re-issued.

When should I expect my 1099?

Form 1099s are issued on or before January 31 each year. If you do not receive your 1099 by February 16, or if the information contained on your 1099 is incorrect, please contact Owner Relations.

Change of Ownership

Informing Maverick of all changes related to ownership of your royalty interests will help the company serve you better. While each situation is unique, life events such as getting married or divorced and transfers related to deaths almost certainly trigger a change that affects ownership, and Maverick should be notified. Please see below for a list of common situations resulting in necessary changes and the documentation Maverick requires to keep your ownership account current.

Common Changes and Documentation Required

Individual Name Change

Marriage certificate, divorce decree reinstating surname at birth or other legal document of name change


Divorce decree with settlement agreement and any recorded conveyance

Appointment of Attorney-in-Fact

Power of attorney

Sale of Interest

Conveyance document filed of record in the county where the property is located

Creation or Dissolution of Trust or Partnership

Instrument appointing successor trustee


Certificate of merger with Tax ID and W-9

Entity Name Change

Certificate of name change with Tax ID and W-9

Death of Owner – No will

Death certificate, letters of administration and recorded final decree of distribution

Death of Owner – Will probated in state where property is located

Death certificate, letters testamentary and recorded final decree of distribution

Death of Owner – Will probated out of state where property is located

Death certificate, letters testamentary, recorded final decree of distribution and documentation of ancillary probate proceedings opened in all affected states

Bankruptcy – Chapter 7

Recorded conveyance, if applicable, and order naming trustee of bankruptcy estate

Bankruptcy – Chapter 11

Plan of reorganization and order confirming the plan of reorganization

All such change requests must be submitted in writing. For your convenience, change requests may be submitted by online form. You may also send change requests by mail or email to:

Maverick Natural Resources
Attn: Owner Relations
1000 Main Street, Suite 2900
Houston, Texas 77002
Phone: 713.437.8090

Contact Owner Relations

Maverick has established electronic forms to facilitate direct communication with Owner Relations through its website. Please utilize these forms to make change requests, to upload documents and to ask questions pertaining to your account. Owner Relations also is reachable by mail and email. Should you choose to connect that way, please identify your Owner/Payee Name or Tax ID Number in your message.

Old Address

New Address

Upload documents (accepted document file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx)

Kindly understand that Maverick cannot and, therefore, does not provide legal advice to its royalty interest owners.