Panoramic view of a residential area with a lake

Protecting Water

Recycling, Reusing, Repurposing

Maverick protects freshwater resources by:

  • Reducing water withdrawals
  • Reusing water within its operations, including through re-injection
  • Repurposing and treating wastewater
  • Recycling city water for operational use, instead of using potable water
  • Replenishing wetlands by maintaining a freshwater pipeline

These efforts are particularly important in operating areas where water supplies are limited, such as West Texas and New Mexico, though water management is a consideration for all of Maverick’s operations. The company is sensitive to local concerns around the use of water and proactively seeks solutions that avoid placing additional stress on ecosystems.

Maverick has committed to provide water for wildlife as a means of habitat enhancement in the Permian Basin. The company maintains a freshwater pipeline that delivers necessary water to Loco Lagoon, a pond in Lea County, New Mexico. The wetlands habitat at the pond supports numerous fish and bird species year round.