Royalty Owner FAQs

Q.  How do I make changes to my account?

A.  For Address Changes. For all other requests, please visit the Change of Ownership section. There you will find information on how to make changes to your account, including address, death of payee, and sale of interest.

Q.  WheN should I receive my revenue check?

A.  Checks are mailed on the final business day of each month, provided your account has reached the minimum pay status.

Q.  Why have I not received my revenue check?

A.  The most common reason is because your account has not reached the minimum pay status. Breitburn Operating remits revenue once your balance exceeds $100.00.

Occasionally, payments are held due to uncertainty as to ownership such as notice of death, assignments of interest, unknown address or legal dispute. Payments due are released when the matter affecting ownership has been resolved.

Q. Can I setup direct deposit for my revenue check?

A.  Yes. Please complete the direct deposit enrollment form and return to the address shown on the form.
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Q.  When will IRS Form 1099-Misc be issued?

A.  Form 1099s are issued on or before January 31 of the following taxable year. When January 31 falls on a weekend or holiday, Form 1099s may be issued the next business day.

Q.  Where can I obtain a copy of form W-9?

A.   Form W-9

Q. Where are the Rest of the files available for download?

A.   Death and Heirship Affidavit

Unbridled resources FAQs

Q.  Will i continue to receive my royalty payments?

A.  Yes.  Provided your account is in good standing and your payment balance meets minimum thresholds there should be no change in your payment delivery.

Q.  I received my payments from fourpoint via direct deposit.  is that going away?

A.  No, there will be no change to payment delivery method.  If you previously received your payment via direct deposit, payment will continue to be made in that manner.

Q.  Who can i contact with questions about my check?

A.  Contact Owner Relations at or 877-437-8090.

Q.  Can i still access information via energylink?

A.  Yes, you can continue to access your revenue check or joint interest billing details in EnergyLink.

Q.  How do I read my check detail?

A.  See example check stub and example EnergyLink statement.

If you have additional questions about your check detail, call 877-437-8090.