Maverick Natural Resources, LLC elected to utilize OpenInvoice platform (“OI”) as its electronic invoice platform. Invoices shall be submitted via the OI portal by the supplier. 

Account Setup:

  1. Use this link to signup.
    1. Download the onboarding instructions:  OpenInvoice Registration
    2. To get help with onboarding, e-mail
  2. After completion of the setup, please notify our team at for enablement in our instance of OI.

Working with OpenInvoice:



For questions about the policy, terms or payment methods direct your inquiry to:


Maverick Natural Resources, LLC (including its affiliates Maverick Services, LLC, and Breitburn Operating, LP) has a standardized policy of issuing payment at a net 60 days from the submission of each invoice in the OpenInvoice platform and contingent on completion of work, delivery of products and acceptance of goods and services. Maverick Natural Resources, LLC standardized payment policy applies to third party invoices submitted for payment.

 At Maverick Natural Resources, LLC discretion and approval, expedited discounted payment of net 30 days may be offered.