With a heavy emphasis on natural gas, our Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky properties represent a sizable portion of our total reserves.  Most of our wells are completed in the Antrim Shale in Michigan, which is characterized by very low decline rates, predictable production, and a long reserve life.  Our non-Antrim interests are located in several reservoirs including the Prairie du Chien, Richfield, Detroit River Zone III and Niagaran pinnacle reefs.

We also operate in the New Albany Shale in southern Indiana and northern Kentucky, which has over 100 years of production history.

We also own integrated midstream assets that enhance the value of our Michigan properties, as gas is sold at MichCon prices and we have no significant reliance on third-party transportation.  Our operations in the New Albany Shale also include a 21 mile high-pressure gas pipeline that interconnects with the Texas Gas Transmission interstate pipeline.