Company Background


Maverick Natural Resources is focused on the development and production of long-lived oil and gas reserves throughout the United States. Maverick, which is one of the portfolio companies owned by EIG Global Energy Partners, operates its oil and gas properties through its wholly owned subsidiary Breitburn Operating LP.

Breitburn Operating has a strong track record of delivering on its capital programs and is proud to operate the vast majority of its wells.  Relying on its strong technical team and expertise, Breitburn Operating:

  • Applies fit-for-purpose technologies to optimize reserve recovery and manage production risk
  • Adheres to proven best practices for oil and gas companies
  • Promotes a strong culture of discipline in managing costs enterprise-wide alongside its commitment to excellence in its environment, health and safety programs
  • Hires the best talent in the industry to join our team
  • Respects the communities in which we operate