Our Experience

Breitburn is led by a strong management team that has on average 30 years of experience in the energy space. Many members of our operating team have strong backgrounds with leading energy companies and top U.S. petroleum engineering and geoscience programs. As a result of their technical expertise and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, Breitburn has been able to extract significant value from our asset base over the years through effective exploitation techniques. We have a strong track record of delivering on our capital program and are proud to say that we operate the vast majority of our wells. In fact, on a net production basis, we operated approximately 69 percent of total production for 2015. We are committed to continuing our solid track record as a strong operator and hiring the best talent in the industry to join our team.

With a strong foundation of industry experience, Breitburn is also able to optimize its operations through:

  • Fit-for-purpose technologies that optimize reserve recovery and manage risk
  • Adherence to proven best practices for oil and gas companies
  • A strong culture of discipline in managing costs enterprise-wide
  • Hiring the best talent in the industry to join our team
  • Commitment to excellence in the area of environment, health and safety
  • Respect for the communities in which we operate

Over 29
years of
High Quality Assets
MMBoe est.
proved reserves*
2016 Average Daily Production

* as of December 31, 2016